here comes the awkward part… the money

don’t let money scare you away! i’ve been there, i know weddings are hella expensive and i don’t want you to miss out on your dream photographer just because of money


Weddings starting at $3000

digital album of 400+ images

printing rights 

justin + julia engagements-85.jpg

engagements starting at $400

digital album of 30+ images

printing rights


groovy booth starting at $400

digital + open air photo booth

rad backdrops + non lame props

if you love my work but you’re not sure if i am in your budget reach out anyways! i want you to have amazing photos and if you really value photography and want to create memories then hit me up and we will work something out! that being said i’m still running a business and ya girls gotta eat.

every wedding is unique therefor all of my wedding packages are unique. i believe wedding photography isn’t one size fits all so let me help create a custom package just for you!