im heidi


i was born in california, raised in arizona, and now I live in texas. i'm a little mix of west coast and southern so if you hear me say y’all and hella in the same sentence just know, yes i know its weird but that's just me. 

my vocabulary is  50% office quotes and 50% me saying YASSSSS! 

i have a hidden talent, i can lick my elbow. yes, its weird and no I don’t know how or why i can do it.  

most of my days are spent hanging with my dogs, singing show tunes (or rapping horribly to the hamilton soundtrack) editing photos, and watching either the office, parks and rec or brooklyn nine-nine. 

on my days off i love traveling (seriously i’ve been to 15 different countries), drinking craft beer, visiting my friends and family back in arizona, and listening to true crime podcasts ( last podcast on the left is my favorite).


i freaking love weddings

Tbh if you cry on your wedding day i will definitely cry, i’m a sucker. 

I am invested in you and i will seriously work my butt off not only to make sure you have amazing photos but to make sure you have fun on your wedding day. 

If you’re feeling it and you like what you’ve seen on my site hit me up and let’s make some beautiful memories!